Planning a visit to Vermont?

In early December, Vermont recorded the highest number of Covid cases ever. This is inspite of one of the highest vaccination numbers in the country. Vermont's govermor, Mr. Scott has rebuffed calls to enact a mask mandate or to declare an emergency that would cause business closures. Most peope are wearing masks except in areas such as the Northeast Kingdom, where peope tend to ignore the Covid situation.

The situation is constantly changing so if you want the latest, check VT Digger for unbiased and generally trutheful reporting, The state's health site is another source of updates. Testing and vaccinations are free in Vermont. You can also have as many tests as you want by registering on the state site or simply shiowing up at any of the test centers listed on the state site. If are planning to cross the border into Quebec, you will need to be vaccinated at least twice and have covid test result that is no more than 72 hours old. Vermont's testing sites will generally email you your result within 48 hours so that will give you enough time to cross into Canada.